Tenen! Reshuffled.

Fvck. I’m sorry. I have to rant about this. I don’t know what we did, what happened, or what the hell were they thinking when they decided to shuffle the sectioning of our batch! What the heck did we do bro! What! Please tell me? Okay, I don’t have any violent complains about my new family, but, you know, mahal na mahal ko na yung B4 eh! Like, I really found true and loving friends in that group, so nanghihinayang ako ng sobra. I don’t know how would I survive the rest of my college life ng wala sila. :(

Sorry to flood your dashboard with random photos. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I’ll miss these guys. I love you 1BIOLOGY4 2011-2012. We showered under Laguna and Bataan rain together. We got through the epic demands of epic Domingo, DR, and Carson. We smelled like frog stink together. We went through a lot of craps together, but hey, I love you guys. And knowing that I wont be with you ever again, it’s killing me inside.

Family isn’t whose blood you carry, but they are those who you love & loves you back.

Things happen for a reason, so I guess I have to accept this crap. I’m still hoping for the best. New family, new memories, new experiences.

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    I’ll be a 1B4 for the rest of my life. I’ll miss you guys :’)
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